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Managed Data

As customers continue to migrate to the cloud, organisations need to be able to connect to their Data Centre Solutions. Whilst most cloud based systems can be accessed over the internet (as our UCaaS) it is always best to connect voice over IP (VOIP) services through a managed data service that can control quality of service. Access4’s range of managed data networking solutions is optimised for converged voice and data services to support our UCaaS and CCaaS suite of products.

Access4 owns and operates its own National MPLS network, enabling us to ensure quality of service for telephony from end to end. Access4 aggregates physical data links from all major carriers into our MPLS core. This choice of physical access allows us to provide customers the best data centre networking solution based on need and cost for each site without the limitations of only one providers’ network footprint.

Access4 offers a range of data network solutions and data centre solutions to connect into our UCaaS service. Customers can choose to use our network, they can use the internet (not recommended for larger or permanent offices), they can use their existing IT service providers’ supplied network, or if they are in a major data centre, they can choose to connect directly through a cloud service such as Equinix Cloud Exchange.

Access4 Multiprotocol Labelled Switching (MPLS) Core Network

This high-performance network directs data from one network node to the next based on short path labels, not long network addresses. This process optimises performance and avoids complex routing table lookups. The network is designed to meet specific customer operations, and maintain privacy and security, while allowing you to use different carrier services such as layer 2 and 3 private networks over EoC, EoF, xDSL, NBN,EFM.

They can also provide Quality of Service (QoS) configurations to prioritise data types traversing the network based on business needs, ensuring different business applications operate with the required performance. The core network is built to deliver carriage services such as:

IP-Virtual Private Network (IP-VPN).

This allows customers to send and receive data across their private network isolated from other networks. It offers high level of security and efficiency. It’s a highly cost effective way to deliver data, cloud and voice services across different sites.

Virtual Leased Lines (VLLs)

A logical Layer2 Ethernet point to point service. Used to connect locations within the reach of our carriers footprint. VLLs are configured over our MPLS network, ensuring maximum reach and assured point to point data transmission.

Access4 Internet

Access4’s managed data network also includes Internet access as either a direct internet link to an office, or Internet into a customer’s IP-VPN network. Running over Access4’s national MPLS backbone, our internet is accessible where we can provide a link. Internet can be provided on its own, as part of an IP-VPN network or in addition to a VLL or VPLS network. For customers using mobility for unified communications, this ensures that calls over the Internet have the quickest path back into the Access4 UCaaS.

Learn more about the unified communications solutions we provide: