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Unified Porting Redirection Service
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Analytics Driven Contact Centre in the Cloud

Contact Centres for a lot of organisations are the not just a facility for taking calls from customers they are integral to the customer experience strategy. As organisations marketing strategy is hinged around multiple channels, so to must customer experience centre. Contact Centres need to be able to interact with the customer in the way they want to communicate be it, Web, Social, SMS, Email, Chat or Voice.

Omni – Channel

Provide a seamless customer experience for interactions from Chat, Social, SMS, Email or Voice in a unified agent interface.

Unified Communications

Connect agents directly with subject matter experts across the business through chat, voice, video and content sharing. Presence of staff across the business means that agents are not keeping customers on hold looking for a resource.

Predictive Analysis-based Routing

Improve customer experience business returns through better matching of a customer to an agent able to assist. Big Data analytics predicts customers’ needs and identifies the agent with the best capability for that need to achieve the best result more often.

Unified Contact Centre Solutions

An end to end solution including hosted PBX functions and voice carriage takes the complexity and costs out of managing a contact centre. It reduces the number of disparate systems/vendors that need to be made to talk to each other by providing a solution out of the box.
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Embedded Salesforce App

The ability to run the entire hosted contact centre UX within salesforce reduces the number of applications an agent needs to be trained in and keeps all customer data in Salesforce.

Omni-channel view of customer journey

Comprehensive analytics of the customer journey through all channels provides contact centre managers and organisations a view of the total customer experience. Interactions across channels with the same intent are mapped to provide insights into customer behaviour. Learn More

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A simple drag and drop interface provides a unified view of the customer journey by channel. CC-One analyser takes data from its various systems such as ACD, IVR, Chat, Email, CRM and data from other systems appear in a panel on your left. From there, you drag and drop them into a central analysis canvas to create insights and visualisations that identify correlations and trends. This allows you to build what-if scenarios from real data and see the impact of changes improving business processes, workforce management, and outcomes.