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Cloud Chat provides businesses with a Hosted Telephone System to cater to any need. No matter how big or small we have a solution for you. If you’re trying to connect multiple sites together to save costs. If you just have one user for all your needs or anything in-between, we can give you the solution you want.
Our pricing is flexible and catered specifically for you. We encourage an initial face-to-face, so you feel like you know the people that are taking care of your system and you. We believe our personable attitude separates us from other providers. From the initial meeting to the installation, to the ongoing support, we will be with you every step of the way and you’ll see how easy getting into the cloud can be.

What we do


An experienced salesman will organise a meeting to get an understanding of how you want your business to run. We’ll be able to organise our own flexible quote with no hidden fee’s or charges. Once you are on board one of our friendly staff will assist with getting your company on the way to the cloud.


A lot of companies these days will send hardware directly to you and let you figure it out yourself. Not understanding your business can have multiple hurdles which leave you the mess to clean up. With Cloud Chat we’ll come to you and work with any other departments (like IT) to make sure the transition to the Cloud is as stress-free as possible. We’ll organise workarounds to make sure there is an as little downside as possible.


One of the many things which can be frustrating after investing your money into a new bit of technology is not having somewhere to go if you get into trouble. Sometimes it might just be a simple question. Cloud Chat provide ongoing support for all our customers to help settle any queries you have as soon as possible. You won’t need to talk to any automated messaging when you have a problem, you’ll speak to one of our friendly staff completely based in Australia.


44 Queen St, Warragul VIC, Australia

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