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Unified Communications Solutions

The days of business phone systems are gone as Cloud communications provides a better way to meet business needs.

Businesses need to adapt faster than ever as the culmination of a number of forces shape the way we all operate now and in the future. Customers, no longer satisfied with good, are demanding more; they expect outstanding customer service. The shift to Cloud is providing an opportunity to do more with less and the challenge in how to manage the ever-growing spread of services so easily bought online. Staff are seeking more, they are asking for better work-life balance and looking for companies that can offer the greater flexibility in the way they work.

Companies must manage all these compounding facets; do so at the speed at which business operates now, and be ready to change again soon.

Unified Communications and Cloud-delivered Unified Communications provide a platform for companies to communicate with staff and customers over ubiquitous devices including, phone, PC, Tablets, mobile and the internet. When delivered in the Cloud it goes a long way to solving some of these challenges and provides great opportunities. Replacing your standard office phone system or small business phone system with a cloud-based system delivers greater efficiency and productivity.

Access4 through its partners provides a range of services to help customers address these challenges. The core of this solution is a Unified Communications and Collaboration platform from BroadSoft delivered in an Australian Cloud as a Service. Through unified communications, customers can:

  • Achieve better customer engagement and experience through greater collaboration internally to solve customers’ issues quicker and closer to the customer
  • Reduce costs to provide telephony and remove the need to buy large-scale systems and hold onto these for years to come
  • Improve the ability for staff to collaborate from almost anywhere allowing them greater flexibility in the workplace.

Being able to achieve this requires more than just a cloud hosted PBX; it requires an end to end solution encompassing video and collaboration. For small to medium business, Unified Communications allows them to be even more nimble to take on their larger competitors. Through the right solution customers can:

  • See the presence of co-workers so they can get in contact when free
  • Chat through instant messaging
  • Quickly call through a desk phone, or simply click to call from an application on their computer
  • Have a single number reach across multiple devices or locations
  • Instantly see each other through video person to person or as a group
  • Create ad-hoc collaboration spaces to share documents instantly
  • Create collaboration spaces with video and document sharing with customers not connected to any internal systems

Unified Communications Summary

Being able to achieve this historically meant huge investments in complex systems. With Access4 we have built the scale needed to be cost-effective and simplified the solution so that you can access Unified Communications on a pay per user per month.

Access4’s partners have access to; not just the Access4 range of solutions including Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS), Contact Centre as a Service (CCass), Managed Voice, Managed Data, and Unified Messaging, but they also have their existing products and services to compliment total solution.